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      Fire Officials: Check your heaters

      As the temperatures start to drop, the Albany Fire Department has a warning for residents who are turning on their heaters.

      They want people take physical check of their units to make sure nothing is inside or too close.

      Firefighters say stuff that gets left behind during summer months can become a hazard in the winter.

      With some of those space heaters, kids during the six, seven or eight months when it is not being used, little toys can get stuck in there, a piece of paper, anything can be stuck in the heater. And once you plug it in it burns it off, said Assistant Fire Chief Sebon Burns. So I would just say a physical check of the heater before you turn it on just to make sure nothing goes wrong when you actually need it.

      Officials also say that they get a lot of false calls during this time of the year because the dust that collects on heater vents smells like fire when it burns off.

      Firefighters say giving the heater a quick wipe down before you turn in on will prevent that smell.