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      Fire Department sets houses on fire to learn important lesson

      The Albany Fire Department sent two houses up in flames Friday morning for live fire training.The purpose was to see how fast a fire spreads in a house with the windows opened compared to if they were closed. The first house was on Roosevelt Avenue and had all the windows and doors open."It took four minutes before the room flashed over because of the flow of oxygen," explained AFD Arson Investigator Sam Harris.The crew then headed over to the 700 block of Tift Avenue for the second burn with the windows and doors shut.That fire took 40 seconds longer to "flash" then the first house, which Harris says is a long time; "in 40 seconds you can do a lot of things, you can get out, you can get a lot of other people out in 40 seconds."Although it may not seem like a lot of information, knowing the time difference is very important."It helps two ways, one is it helps us to how long we have until a room's going to flash once we pull up on a house. The second thing is it's going to help us determine how long the fire has been burning in different scenarios so we can determine when the fire was set," said Harris.If you happen to be worrying about the owners of these houses don't, they're abandoned properties that were set to be demolished.

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