Find out how Marines train to get in a 'physical mind frame'

Photo Credit: Romney Smith

Marines participate in a variety of training exercises and Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor Sgt. Aspen Thompson says they even train to get into a physical mind frame. A W.E.F.T., or warm up, exercise, flexibility training is done outside in the hot sun in full gear for one reason "it's a practice of getting them to zone out and getting that exercise executed properly with the stresses of combat" says Thompson.

The four cone drill starts with a Marine running around all of the stations holding heavy water jugs. After they complete a lap Marines have to hold a plank position until it's time to change stations. At the next station Marines perform squat thrusts with a 35-pound weight. "We try to exercise the point of getting gear to somebody, and that was one of the reasons we did that" says Thompson. Station number three includes kettle bell swings with a 35-pound bag of sand. The last station requires Marines to perform burpees until time is called.

After two minutes at each station, Instructors make Marines run the entire course again. "We all know our threshold and our jobs as instructors our here today was to push them past that threshold" says Thompson.

Instructors say the Marines involved in the four cone drill did a great job. "Nobody quit on us, nobody told us they wanted to quit. It was a pretty good one" says Thompson.