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      Finances discussed for Water Gas and Light

      The Water Gas and Light Board of Commissioners met up on Thursday morning to discuss the finances from November to December. In the month of November, water was budgeted to earn $36,000 but made only half of what was expected, $18,000. Gas excelled with a $211,000 increase in what they were expected to earn and light was budgeted to lose $176,000 but instead lost $121,000.However, in the month of December, light seemed to take a significant plunge expecting to earn around $608,000 and actually earned about $119,000. One commissioner, brought up the odd correlation and said she expected to see and increase due to holiday decorations and lights during this time.Gas was expected to earn $450,000 and actually earned $411,000. Water was budgeted to lose $10,000 and instead lost $14,000.Mayor Dorothy Hubbard says although some losses were taken, she TMs pleased with the overall outcome and even more pleased with how WGL handled circumstances the past few days under cold weather conditions.

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