Fight is on at Phoebe against bloodstream infections

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital didn't meet a national benchmark for bloodstream infection that could be deadly.

The numbers were released by the Center for Disease Control. They looked at patient safety measures in hospital intensive care units. The ratio specifically focused on the number of central line infections reported.

The Georgia ratio is .55, the national average is 1, and Phoebe's ratio was reported as a 1.37.

The reported data reflects one quarter which is the first part of 2011, which is just a year old snap shot.

"We have put processes in place to try and improve this in the areas where we found the greatest opportunity for that in terms of standardizing how the lines are inserted standardizing how the lines are cared for and being as aggressive as we can be to getting the lines out," says Dr. Doug Patten, Vice President of Medical Affairs at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital.

Phoebe says they will continue do everything they can to bring a decline to the numbers.