Fight is on against late night fire

The Albany Fire Department is on scene at a fire in Bill's Super Vitamin Store at 5th and Slappey Boulevard. / Romney Smith

Second Update (9/17/13 12:15 p.m.)

Arson has been ruled out as the cause of a fire at an Albany business.

The overnight fire at Bill's Super Vitamin Store has been ruled to be caused by a computer shortage.

Albany Fire Department investigators say a computer that was plugged in shorted out on an electrical strip outlet.

The fire happened just before midnight Monday night.

First Update (9/17/13 1:00 a.m.)

Battalion Chief Keith Ambrose with the Albany Fire Department says what looks like an electrical fire broke out around 11:40 p.m. at 1111 South Slappey Boulevard at Bill's Super Vitamin Store.

Firefighters had to break down the door in order to get to the fire and officials say there was significant fire and smoke damage to the store. It took firefighters 20 minutes to fully extinguish the flames.

No one was hurt in the fire.

Initial Story

The Albany Fire Department is fighting a fire in Bill's Super Vitamin Store located at 5th Avenue and Slappey Boulevard in Albany.

As of 11:45 p.m. there are three fire trucks, four Albany Police cars, two ambulances, and a fire investigator.

All drivers are advised to avoid the area if possible.

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