Field of flags lowered but their message lives on

The American Legion Post 30 and volunteers break down the 1,000 flags meant to honor the men and women who put their lives on the line for our country / Colby Gallagher

Around 50 volunteers gathered on Sunday afternoon to take down the Patriot's Field of Flags, a 1,000 flag memorial meant to honor emergency response workers and veterans.

For one week, the flags stood by the Albany Mall to remind those of our heroes across sees that never made it home and those who made the ultimate sacrifice during 9/11.

During the week, the American Legion Post 30 held a September 11th memorial and a concert on Saturday night to inspire patriotism.

"It's an honor to stand there and respect our flag as much as we do and pray that others will catch that fire in their heart and have the same thing," said Ernie Elmore, who served for 24 years in the Marine Corps.
Those who participated hope this message lives on long after the flags are lowered.

"We especially emphasize honoring veterans and military service and first-responders particularly this week, but it's an on-going thing. We appreciate them all year round," said Marvin Mixon of the American Legion Post 30.

With a decent turnout, Mixon and Elmore believe the week was a success but hope for even bigger things in 2013.

"Next year we're hoping for great weather and a lot more good volunteers," said Mixon.

"Bigger and better; more participation out of the citizens of Albany," said Elmore.