Festival goers go turtle crazy

More turtles were sold this year for the Flint RiverQuarium's turtle race than last year / Ashley Knight

The Mardi Gras festival might not have been as big this year as in years past due to it being postponed a week, but local businesses are still calling it a success.

The Hilton Garden Inn said they were sold out and even their restaurant saw non-stop business during peak dinner hours.

"Yesterday was one of the busiest ones, we had three guys back there and it all happened within a short amount of time, just, the restaurant got flooded!" says Cook Patrick O'Fallon.

The Flint RiverQuarium also says their turtle race was a huge success.

And while they can't give us an exact number yet, they say they sold more turtles this year than last.

They'll certainly continue adding to the event like they did this weekend.

"We had some people give animal presentations with some of our native animals like our Eastern King snake, Red Corn snake, Gopher tortoise and even some alligators!" says Jenna Fulghum, a bird and reptile keeper at the RiverQuarium.

The grand prize for the turtle race was $5,000 in cash.