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      Fender bender turns into head scratcher

      Jacquelyn Jenkins thought a dented bumper and a rattling headlight were going to be the only reminders of another driver accidentally reversing into her on June 7th, but the trouble had only just begun.

      "I thought everything was fine until my insurance contacted me and told me that the driver didn't have any insurance so I said yes they do, they have insurance because the police took all our information and they didn't impound her car or anything like that so I'm thinking everything was fine, said Jenkins.

      After numerous attempts to get answers, Jenkins came to FOX 31.

      We reached out to Progressive who said the driver's coverage lapsed in March and after multiple letters went unanswered, they notified the state to update the information in the system. However, that's when the case took a turn.

      "Every time a policy expires, we send that filing requirement. We found that the state rejected the notice and they likely thought it was a duplicate," said Erin Hendrick, a spokesperson for Progressive.

      Progressive Officials say since the policy had expired before, they can only guess the notice was mistaken for a duplicate, but add that they were never notified of the rejection causing the insurance information to remain in the system.

      The Albany Police Department was notified of the change who when rewrote the accident report and issued the driver a citation for not having insurance. Though Jenkins is still responsible for paying most of the $600 of estimated damages, she says at least she has answers.

      "Today I feel okay knowing that I know what I have to do, what my responsibility is for taking care of my damage but I just like for the people to know that everybody that's driving does not have insurance, said Jenkins.

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