Female volunteers build house for veteran woman

Local women join together to build a house for mother and veteran, Stacy Hambright

/ Colby Gallagher

Sunday marks the last day of National Women Build Week and the ladies of our community went out with a bang. Of a hammer, that is.

Flint River Habitat for Humanity, Lowe's and community volunteers joined together on Friday and Saturday to give back to a woman in need.

"It gives you a great feeling in your heart to be able to help someone in need, and just to see the smile on her face as she looks at her home each time to see how much progress has happened. It's wonderful," said Nicole Black, the Human Resources manager for Lowe's in Albany.

The house, which has been quickly progressing since February 10th will go to Stacy Hambright, a mother of two who is pregnant with her third child and due any day.

The team, which was at least 75% female, painted, caulked and secured the inner roof Saturday afternoon for the growing family, showing that they can be just as handy as a man.

While the event proved that females can compete in a male-dominated profession, it was also a way to pay honor to a woman who served our country.

"You recycle what has already been in place. As she has planted into the lives of others, it's a sure sign to say that we have not forgotten what you've done for our nation," said the Flint River Habitat for Humanity Director, David Wilson.

Women of all backgrounds found a job they were able to do, regardless of their expertise and learned that by giving you can also receive a lot more.

"It's the intransient feeling that you get just knowing that you're giving back to someone else," said Habitat for Humanity volunteer, Eloise Armstrong.

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