FEMA holds emergency management seminar in Albany

Emergency management leaders take weeklong course at Turner Job Corps Center. / Mike Manzoni

They are the people in charge when disaster strikes, and all this week they are getting a refresher course.

About 50 emergency management professionals from across Southwest Georgia are at the Turner Job Corps Center where they are getting tips on a range

Instructors from the Center for Domestic Preparedness, part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, are teaching the weeklong course.

"It's to get prepared. What we found around the country in the past few years is that communities that are prepared for catastrophic incidents, catastrophes -- they survive them better," said Joe Hartan, a FEMA consultant and former NYPD sergeant. Hartan, who is one of the instructors, got involved with emergency management after working at Ground Zero after the September 11 attacks.

"We like to have everyone in our community that would be involved in with either a manmade or natural disaster to be prepared to jump in and be part of the solution," said Jim Vaught, the deputy director of the Albany-Dougherty County EMS.

The event was free-of-charge.