FBSOTD: Planking on public property

Planking is a trend that's been sweeping across the nation but FOX 31 Facebook users want to know if it could get them in trouble.

Local officials say if it jeopardizes your personal health or is done on public monuments, yes!

Lying in the middle of streets and blocking driveways not only poses a personal threat but it is an obstruction of public property.

When it comes to planking on public monuments, like statues and memorials, officials say it takes away the freedom of others who want to enjoy the pieces of work.

"As long as you use common sense when doing it and safety, I doubt anyone is going to say anything. There's no law against planking but there are ordinances and laws against doing what I said like blocking people driveways and public access and that sort of thing," said Dougherty County Sheriff's Department Captain Craig Dodd.

Someone caught planking illegally could be charged with the misdemeanor of trespassing and can serve up to a year in jail.