FB Story of the Day: What is the most reported crime in Albany?

For today's Facebook Story of the Day you asked us: What is the most reported crime in Albany? The answer: Larceny.

According to statistics compiled by the Albany Police Department from June, there were 285 theft incidents.

District Attorney Greg Edwards said part of the problem is that people are too careless.

"A lot of people kind of live by the I guess what used to be ode that you could walk out and leave your door open, and keep your car unlocked, or leave keys in the car, or leave your keys under the mat," Edwards said. "Some of the things that people can do to protect against theft generally, number one people alert and be aware that people want to take their stuff."

Jason Sheffield, the manager at Dawson Road Pawn Shop, said sometimes people who steal items try to pawn them. But he said there are procedures in place to safeguard pawning stolen items.

"If they appear that the serial number has been scratched out if it's been mutilated in anyway then we don't take the item, especially guns, guns are a big thing, if they don't have a serial number we don't take it."

The Albany Police Department regularly communicates with pawn shops to cross reference the items pawned with any items that have been reported stolen.

Burglary was the second most reported crime, with 105 incidents reported.