FB Story of the Day: Water Restrictions

If you have a garden, you can water as needed. / Mike Manzoni

For today's Facebook Story of the Day you chose water restrictions. While Albany does not impose the restrictions, it enforces them.

"This is a statewide mandate. Albany is very fortunate that we have lots of water," said Lorie Farkas, the assistant general manager at Water, Gas and Light Commission. "We've never been in a situation where we would not be able to provide water to our customers."

"If you want to fill a swimming pool, you have to use the even odd system," Farkas said. "Odd addresses are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Even addresses are Monday, Wednesday and Saturday."

If you have a garden, you can water as needed. Also, if you have recently landscaped you are allowed a one month grace period.

Albany has had some kind of water restrictions in place for the last ten years.