FB Story of the Day: How can I prevent my cell phone from being hacked?

Photo Credit: Mike Manzoni

For today's Facebook Story of the Day you wanted to know what you can do to prevent your cellular phone from being hacked.

Timothy Conlon, the lead technician at The Computer Nerd in Lee County, said smart phones such as Blackberries and iPhones are more susceptible to being hacked than older phones because they are small computers.

"Make sure you got the security pass code locked on it. Make sure you got your Bluetooth isn't on, and if you're not using you're GPS on the phone â" disable that unless you're using it," he said.

Conlon said there are several applications available for download that will help protect your cell phone from intruders. He said remote hacking is rare, and could only be done by an extremely computer savvy person. The most common kind of hacking, he said, happens when a phone is left unattended.