FB Story of the Day: Are there alligators in the Flint River?

Photo Credit: Mike Manzoni

For today's Facebook Story of the Day you asked what the chances are of seeing an alligator in the Flint River. The chance, officials said, is high.

The likelihood of seeing an alligator is fairly high. Southwest Georgia is home to a pretty large alligator population," said Julie Robbins of the Department of Natural Resources. "The Dept. of Natural Resources does spotlight surveys for alligators and one of our sample areas is the Flint River. On that survey route we typically see one alligator per mile of river.

"I'm still shocked that they're here; I hear about Florida, but I never hear about Albany Georgia," said Ann Mallory, who is visiting from New Jersey.

"By being with my little nieces and nephews I wouldn't want to get close to the water because I don't know if it would come out. And don't they look like the trees anyways," said Ruby Best, also visiting from New Jersey.

Robbins said alligators usually do not bother people, but can, especially if they are fed regularly. "The alligators that we typically see aggression in are alligators that have been habituated to being fed by people."

There are about 250,000 alligators in the Peach State; about half of them are located in Southwest Georgia.