FB SOTD: Online protection

Photo Credit: Allen Carter

The internet can be a scary place.

In our Facebook Story of the Day you wanted to know how to protect yourself online.

We headed over to the Computer Nerd. They say with computer viruses and phishing sites, the internet is more dangerous than ever. So people should browse safely.

"If there is something that you are wondering if you should click on or not, don't click on it. Search it on Google rather than clicking on a link. If you're unsure about it, you're unsure about it for a reason, so you need to use a lot of instinct about that as to if i should click on it or not," said Timothy Conlon of the Computer Nerd.

They also say some anti-virus software is a necessity nowadays. Many of them update multiple times a day to catch new viruses before they damage your computer.

For more information on how you can secure your computer, visit the CERT website.