Fashion show features budget-conscious attire

Budget-conscious shoppers left "Recessionista" with tips on being fashionable on a budget

In these tough economic conditions, you can't always buy the name brands. Fashionistas want to stay current and wear the latest trends, but also don't want to break the bank.

"I shop used boutiques or here at the vintage store, and I also use some of my old clothes and cut them up," says Sharde Johenson.

Downtown Albany consignment shop Verge held a fashion show, "Recessionista," to show people that they can wear the clothes and styles they love while maintaining a budget.

"We wanted to do a fashion show for people that can't spend a ton of money to find a really cute outfit," says Verge Co-owner Jessica Blair. "Maybe they're professionals, maybe they just want to go out and have a good time, but they can't spend $100 dollars. So we wanted to show that it is possible to take old clothing and new clothing and not spend over $35 dollars for a great outfit."

She says she felt getting the message out about living fashionably on a budget was essential.

"I think it's just really important. A lot of families are struggling right now. We went through a time when we were struggling," Blair says.

Blair says visiting consignment and vintage shops, shoppers can find older pieces that can be updated that do not cost a lot of money.

From brightening up an outfit with a pop of colorful accessories to utilizing day-to-night pieces for work and fun, everyone walked out of "Recessionista" with some new ideas.

"Wearing like different stripes with orange and matching up different colors with different styles," says Johenson.

"Just really how to put clothes together and ideas about what I could do differently," says Morgan Seegmueller.

Verge Owner Jessica Blair says "Recessionista" is just one of many budget-conscious fashion shows to come at the store.