Farmers say they need 6-7 inches of rain

Organic farmer Hilton Graham shows off blueberries at the outdoor farmer's market Saturday

Farmers all across Georgia are suffering, not getting enough rain to grow their crops.

We caught up with a few farmers at the outdoor farmer's market downtown Saturday morning, asking how the drought has affected their business.

"Your light bill, gas bills for your pumps and things and that's excess cost and the produce overall has done very well because, but we had to continue to keep water on them," said Hilton Graham, an organic farmer from Telfair County, Ga.

"It's costing us more to grow it and it's costing the consumer more to consume it, in price, like I said irrigation and all is not cheap and we're having to do a lot of that right now," said Tim walker, a farmer from Enigma, Ga.

Walker says they need six to seven inches of rain in the next two weeks.

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