Farmers look forward to rain in this drought

Photo Credit: Todd Bailey

Southwest Georgia farmers have been battling drought for months.

Farmers in Southwest Georgia say times have been tough because of the drought but they're holding on.

"In the last two or three years, it's been real bad you know. Since we got our irrigation, it's been doing a little better because we can provide a little water," said farmer John l. Green.

Green says conserving all the water he can is essential, when working in a drought.

"We don't water in the middle of the day. We mostly water two hours before night so that when we will start watering, it won't evaporate," said Green.

But dry conditions come with a load of issues for those out in the fields.

"Your crop is not going to perform as well. Either your chemical is not going to perform like the manufacturer expects it to perform, everything needs water."

Monnie Hart, a Fertilizer Supplier says that a drought can hurt economically.

"Were not on farms spreading fertilizer. Everybody is cutting back farmers don't make no money we don't make no money." said Hart.

With their eyes on the sky looking for rain once it comes, its back to work.