Farmers grow concerned over new bill

Farmers grow concerned over new bill / Matt Prichard

The senate met Friday to pass a bill on agriculture being labeled, the farm bill.

With it passing the senate, some members of the southwest Georgia community are concerned that it may hurt local farms, more than it helps.

"Certainly agriculture in our community is the backbone of our community. Namely cotton and peanuts here in worth county, and certainly a lot of southwest Georgia, and so we have a keen interest in what the farm bill says and the details," said Sylvester Mayor, Bill Yearta.

The bill seeks to insure farmers against weather, disease, and international events, however according to Georgia senator, Saxby Chambliss, the bill does not serve all producers in all parts of the county equitably and effectively.

"It seems to be more regionally biased towards the Midwest in my opinion, just from what I've read. Hopefully when the house takes it up, it'll be a little more positive towards the southeast," said Yearta.

Senator Chambliss went on to say that, "this bill seeks to establish a one-size-fits-all program rather than recognizing the limitations of crop insurance for certain regions of the country, namely the southeast."

With the bill scheduled to reach the house in the next several weeks, local politicians and farmers alike, plan to make their voices heard, about this new bill.

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