Farmers gain knowledge from Georgia Peanut Farm show

Agricultural equipment such as tractors were on display for farmers. / Sean Streicher

Farmers from around Georgia gathered in Tifton Thursday for the 37th annual Georgia Peanut Farm Show.

97 exhibitors were on hand to present their services to almost 1,700 visitors.

"All segments of the industry here in one location, you can talk to those vendors there ask the questions you need to ask to see what kind of equipment, or technology, or seed is being offered," said the farm show chairman, Rodney Dawson.

This show offers more than the opportunity to check out new equipment, it gives farmers the chance to look back on 2012, which experts say was a record breaking year.

"The best production year ever, highest average yield in the state record, by over 900 pounds, 4,550 pounds per acre, just tremendous production," said Beasley, a Extension Peanut Agronomist with the University of Georgia.

Excellent weather conditions, and advances in technology all played a role in last year's exceptional harvest.

Experts say it's hard to predict how the 2013 crop will be, because it's so heavely dependent on the weather.

Suprisingly, with how productive 2012 was experts are actually saying the crop needs to be reduced this year.

"The supply is so high that we don't need as many peanuts produced in 2013, so it becomes a balancing act," said Beasley.

This is good news for peanut consumers, because that high supply should start driving down prices on your favorite peanut products.

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