Farm tourism brings boost to southwest Georgia

Agricultural tourism business owners gather at Lauri Jo's shop in Norman Park. / Jessica Fairley

For the very first time the Georgia Agritourism Conference is being hosted in southwest Georgia.

The conference kicked off Wednesday with farm tours for visitors and an opening ceremony.

Organizers say agriculture and tourism are two of Georgia's largest industries and bringing the conference to this area is bound have a positive impact on the local culture.

The convention is set up to help people understand what agricultural tourism is, whether they want to grow their business or start a new one.

"So many people think that agritourism has to be something big but it really doesn't. It can be very simple. Maybe you've got a pond that you want to invite people to come fish in. It can be just that simple," said Lauri Jo, 1st Vice President of the Georgia Tourism Association.

With the conference, people interested in getting into the field can learn from those already in it.

"They're going to hear from some fantastic speakers. We've got some great folks lined up to talk to the different people about the industry and about what they're doing in the industry," said Jeff Manley, President of the Georgia Tourism Association.

More than 175 people from across the state are set to attend the conference. Anyone interested in taking part in the event can still register to participate.

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