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      Farm goes up in flames

      A hay farm in Moultrie went up in flames, and the owners of the farm thinks the fire was set intentionally.

      "Just kind of a wave a depression that's the main thing that comes over you," said Stan Savage, farm owner.

      Words of heartbreak poured out as Savage recalls the moment he learned his hay barn was destroyed by a fire.

      Early Tuesday morning, the barn went up in flames destroying more than 700 rolls of hay worth $90,000.

      Savage says, "without seeing where it started, it really really bothered me."

      A concern that led him to believe this was an act of arson.

      "Spontaneous combustion normally happens within the barn and all of this fire as we saw it was on the outside," said Savage.

      Savage says he not only lost what puts food on the table, he also lost a part of his life.

      "If it was done intentionally I hope the person who did it will have to live with it.You hate to think that someone thinks so little of you to light a fire like that, for what purpose whether it's getting even factor or whatever. you just don't even know."

      He's not sure when or if he will rebuild, but he says if he does he'll definitely install motion sensor cameras.

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