Farm Bill gives locals relief

If you're a farmer it means you now have what officials are calling a safety net. / Courtney Highfield

Farmers can sleep a little easier at night knowing a Farm Bill has officially been passed.

Don Kohler, the Director of the Georgia Peanut Commission in Tifton, told FOX 31, "This has been almost a four year process. It's really been a challenge for us."

Kohler said his first emotion after hearing it passed was relief.

So what does this mean for you? If you're a farmer it means you now have what officials are calling a safety net. Donald Chase, who is a peanut and corn farmer, and sits on the Georgia Peanut Commission Board said, "it gives us some stability in knowing that if we need to plant peanuts for our rotation or we don't need to plant peanuts or we need to plant more corn, it lets us know we can do that without the fear of the market just falling out on us and not having the ability to sell for profit.

If you're a consumer, it means stability. Kohler said, "it will allow us to be stable in production, our yields have gone up, and our prices remain the same."

On a not so positive note, if you receive food stamps there will be cuts to the program. According to Kohler, "they'll target food stamps to where they need to go. None of us want someone to go hungry. We just don't want that, we are compassionate people but the thing it's going to do is put a little responsibility back on the recipients."

Kohler said the bill will be in effect for the next crop season.

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