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      Fans react to WWE coming to Albany

      On Sunday fans came to the Albany Civic Center to see the WWE Live wrestling matches.

      FOX 31 talked to a few fans to understand why they love the sport so much and how it makes them feel to know the WWE is in the Good Life City.

      Summer Powell says, "Albany's not that well known and for somebody that big to come here like them to come here, that's really cool."

      Joseline Pierce says, "it's an event that I've always liked to do and wanted to do, I feel good about it, and if they ever have another one I'll come back again."

      Tim Barbree says, "I live here in Albany and I can drive three or four miles to see it, instead of having to drive to Columbus, Atlanta, Tallahassee, somewhere like that."

      The wrestling organization has been coming to the city for a number of years.

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