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      Family speaks out after Willard Avenue shooting

      Family members of William Davis Jr. affectionately remember the late 21-year-old as "Bug-eye," a nickname they gave him as a kid because of his large eyes.Davis was one of two men fatally shot during a drive-by at 514 Willard Avenue Sunday night.Officials with the Albany Police Department say both Davis and 20-year-old Desmond Williams were standing outside of a gray Crown Victoria while 22-year-old Nicholas Wright was inside. The two men were hit; officials say one of them died on the scene while the other died at the hospital and Wright was not injured.Sherdri Lowe and Brittany Baisden, both cousins of Davis, say they believe their cousin was in the wrong place at the wrong time and the gang violence needs to stop. Lowe says with many children in the neighborhood, they could've been shot during the drive-by.Officials say the house at 514 Willard Drive was hit by stray bullets. APD public information officer Phyllis Banks says the incident should frustrate neighbors because there is a 4-month-old baby living in the house that was hit with bullets, luckily they didn't hurt anyone.Banks says with two people already killed, now is not the time to be silent and urges anyone with information to come forward to help solve the crime.APD detectives are currently interviewing as many witnesses and gathering as much evidence as possible to be able to name suspects and give closure to the families.Police are also trying to determine whether or not the incident was gang related but Davis's family say they think their cousin was the victim of gang violence.For now, the family says they'll continue to remember "Bug-eye" and will never forget the person they describe as a comedian.