Family offers $5,000 reward to help find son's killer

A $5,000 reward by Williams' is donated to CrimeStoppers for tips leading to an arrest

DeAndre Williams, 25, was shot and killed at the Sandtrap at the end of August, and police are still looking for the shooter.

"At this particular time we've followed several leads but have not developed suspects at this time," says Arthur Tyler, an investigator with the Albany Police Department.

But a major contribution by the Williams family could help.

The parents of DeAndre Williams made a $5,000 contribution to Albany CrimeStoppers, This large reward is going directly to anyone with information that leads police to a suspect.

"Albany Crimestoppers is honored to join partnership with the Williams family and help lead to the arrest of this wanted person that's out there," says Jamie King with Albany CrimeStoppers.

APD investigators say even a small piece of information can help.

"Any information that's provided to the police department whether you think it's the smallest thing, it may not be important, we ask that you call and give us this information. any information that we get, it's like a puzzle, we put it together like a puzzle and we come to some type of conclusion," says Tyler.

The family was in attendance at the press conference for their donation but did not want to speak with media at this time. But they hope the reward money helps them find their son's killer soon, and CrimeStoppers believes, with a large donation such at $5,000, the tip that breaks the case may not be far behind.

For now it's a waiting game for the police department, until they received pieces from the public to complete their puzzle.

"I speak on behalf of (DeAndre) DeAngelo's family -- we are actively seeking information from the public. We're looking for any information that anyone could possibly have," says Tyler.

Police and CrimeStoppers both say that any tips will be anonymous.

The $5,000 reward from the family will not be released until they received a tip that breaks the case.

If you have any information regarding the murder of Williams at the Sandtrap on Aug. 28, you are urged to call CrimeStoppers at 229-436-TIPS.

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