Family of four escapes massive house fire

Photo Credit: Franklin White

A family in Colquitt County is thankful to make it out of their home alive after it caught fire and was destroyed on Saturday.

37-year-old Tony Bonner and 25-year-old Brandi Palmer were cooking in the kitchen when Bonner noticed smoke and fire coming from the back porch.

That's when they realized the home was on fire and immediately left the scene.

Now a day later the family is trying to find anything left in the home that they can to take with them.

Brandi Palmer, says " "You need your family and friends to lean on because that's all you have."

The family lived in the home for four years.

They did not have insurance, and is looking for a place to live.

The Red Cross did step in to help.

They have out the family up in the Super 8 hotel in Adel.

They also gave the family money for food, clothes and shoes totaling to about $800.

The couple has a six-month-old, and a six-year-old child.

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