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      Family dog dead at the hands of local police officer

      Dixie, a five year old American Pit Bull is now dead at the hands of a Vienna police officer.

      Last Monday, Joy Collins came home for lunch and to play with Dixie; a routine her and the dog had developed. Collins let the dog out in the back yard to play, not realizing there were tons of people and officials outside taking care of a kitchen fire.

      When Collins and her family did realize it, they immediately went outside to let the dog back in. But when they went outside they found Dixie dead on the sidewalk.

      Collins son proceeded to question the officers but did not get much of an answer, except that the officer shot the dog out of self defense. Collins then went out to talk to the Vienna police officers herself. She says it was Capt. Cozie Ray that shot the dog and he claimed Dixie was attacking him.

      Collins admitted that she is 100% sure Dixie was barking, that TMs in her nature, she was a protective dog, but she has a hard time believing she was attacking the officer. She says she has repeatedly gone to the police department to get a copy of the police report, but has yet to get a hold of one.

      Later Monday night, Collins filed an official complaint against Capt. Ray and the mayor promised her an official investigation would take place. The mayor hired a private company to do the investigation which is currently underway.

      Collins says she isn TMt really sure what she wants or expects to happen but she hopes new policies will be put in place after this. Collins believes the officer could have called animal control or taken other measures to solve the problem.

      As for right now, Collins and her family are still grieving over the tragedy. They TMve created a Facebook page Justice for Dixie which she says in a way is helping her with the healing process.

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