Family and friends gather for 'Justice for Dustin' rally

Hundreds gather in support of Dustin Hammonds. / Jessica Fairley

The community gathered in a candlelight vigil Tuesday night in support of 13-year-old Dustin Hammonds.

The teen passed after spending time in the hospital after he tried to take his own life.

According to those with the 'Justice for Dustin' Facebook page, the story of Dustin Hammonds has reached more than 100,000 people. Hundreds of those supporters gathered at Jeffords Park in Sylvester to not only pay their respects but also fight bullying.

Dustin Hammonds' band mates played 'Amazing Grace' in his honor.

Supporters came from far and wide wearing blue representing the anti-bullying movement.

Hammonds' family say they hope the story of his life brings a change in not just Worth County but the world.

"I don't know if we can ever stop what's happening but hopefully we can change the way it's being delta with and find a better way to handle it and to make sure that it doesn't go this far," said Mindy Barakauskas, Dustin Hammonds' Aunt.

During the vigil, the family found out that all of Dustin Hammonds' organs will be used.

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