Families pick up uniforms, backpacks filled with school supplies

Willis Slaughter wasn't expecting to go school shopping today, but he also wasn't expecting to find an outdoor shop when he drove by Davis Street with all the supplies to get his three kids ready for the school year.

"I just stopped and talked to the lady, the one in charge and she just told 'get in line,'" said Slaughter.

And all those school supplies came tucked in a backpack and it was all free to whoever showed up.

"We had no idea what to expect, but people came out right at 9 o'clock and it's been amazing," said Ladonna Urick with Mission Change who organized the event.

But they also got some help from volunteers, like Susan Summerall; a teacher.

"I just wanted to come out here and get involved and show my kids what it means to give back to the community," said Summerall.

And not only were they able give out free supplies and uniforms but it didn't cost the organization a cent either.

"We're so grateful for the lower campus of Deerfield school and they donated all their khaki bottoms and navy bottoms and jumpers and skirts because they are changing out their uniforms. We also had also we had over 50 or 60 volunteers who showed up with tons of school supplies," said Urick.

Going out and purchasing a backpack can easily set a parent back $30 to $40, but these ones are free. And each bag is loaded with items from the back to school shopping list bringing the total value to around $50

"School supplies, they add up so fast. The list seems to get longer and longer every year, especially if you have more than one child, it can really add up," said Summerall.

"Book bags are almost like 27 or 30 dollars, so this saved me about 100 dollars right here," said Slaughter.