Families head to local businesses on Thanksgiving

Many bond over the golf course on Thanksgiving

Watching the parade and eating Turkey is Thanksgiving tradition for most people, but for others they visit some of the few unique places that are open on the holiday.

For one family, their tradition is bowling on Thanksgiving Day.

"Every year for thanksgiving we all get together and we have a little family reunion and after the reunion we get together and we come bowl so we can bowl off the food," says Millicent Lowery, who says her family has gone bowling Thanksgiving Day for five years.

At AMF Bowl-a-rama, employees say they have regulars during the holidays, and are especially busy on Christmas Day.

"We have reservations already for now for the people who do it every year," says Asst. Manager Leslie Pettis.

Bowling alleys, golf courses, movie theaters: They're just some of the places that stay open during the holidays like Thanksgiving.

A number of families golfing at Grand Island Club say they golf for the bonding and to get out of the way of those cooking Thanksgiving dinner at the house.

General Manager Vic McKinley says they see quite a few families on Thanksgiving. He says it's slow in the morning but picks back up.

"Then it dies again in the afternoon, of course everybody is I'm sure at home eating their holiday meal, and normally we'll pick up again sometime around two o'clock in the afternoon," says McKinley.

Families who do activities like bowling on Thanksgiving say it may be unconventional, but it allows them to bond and make fun memories.

"People do actually want to step away from the tradition and this gives us something different to do so I think it makes a lot of families come closer and just have a good time together," says Melinda Sanders who bowled with her family on Thanksgiving Day.

Pettis says, "You do have the people who want to sit and home and have their family time and just stay at home but then you have the people who just come here to bowl."

McKinley says he may be working on Thanksgiving but seeing families that don't get a chance to spend time together often makes up for it.

"It'll be fathers and sons, fathers and daughters that get a chance to play and get a chance to play together. They're not at home that often and it gives them a chance to come play golf," says McKinley.

It's not just Thanksgiving that the Grand Island Club and AMF Bowl-a-rama are open. AMF is open all year round and Grand Island is open every day except Christmas Day.

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