Families around Albany celebrate Father's Day

Father and son fishing

Father's Day is a day set to commemorate dads for all they do. David Cooper said it's been a while since he and his father went boating together and he felt like Father's Day was the perfect day to catch up.

"My dad and my son we went out on the water today and just enjoyed the lake a little bit," said David Cooper.

While the Coopers launched their boat from Cox Landing to set out on the waters, the Hayes family spent the morning in worship.

"We started off with church this morning, talking to the real Father and then now I'm here to be a father to my son," said Hank Hayes.

Hank and his son spent the day reuniting with family at the Chehaw Park pavilion. On the other side of the park, the Forehand's were teaching their son a lifelong skill.

"We're out here trying to catch come fish, have a good time and relax," said Mary Forehand, "My husband's been working non-stop, so this is to kind of give him a break."

Mary and Tony Forehand's toddler son caught three fish within a 15 minute span. He likes to catch them, but he won't eat them.

"I don't like fish," said little Anthony Forehand.

For both father and son, the day was one to remember.