Famed violinist bridging the gap

Violinist Gareth Johnson prepares for the event at the Albany Museum of Art. / Jessica Fairley

Sunday evening people braved the rain to make a stop at the Albany Museum of Art.

Famed violinist Gareth Johnson, accompanied by Mimi Noda on piano, held a free concert to get people riled up over classical jazz.

People crammed into the showroom wall to wall to hear where classical music has been and where it's going.

"We consider ourselves the new young cool age of classical music," said Violinist Gareth Johnson.

Johnson held the audience at full attention with works from Chopin to Franz Waxman. The artist says as music evolves, classical artists have to reach out to keep the art alive.

"It's our genre that is kind of failing at the moment so we need to bridge the gap. Maybe play a little more popular works, more tonal works," said Johnson.

This is in hopes of capturing the hearts of young listeners.

"We need to have to role models for these children to look up to and we need to bridge the gap," said Johnson.