Famed Autism self-advocate stops in Albany

Autism advocate and HBO Film Heroin, Temple Grandin. / Jessica Fairley

The heroine of a highly acclaimed HBO movie stopped by Albany on Thursday to inspire and motivate those living with autism. Phoebe Putney is responsible for the visit.

Temple Grandin is a world famous animal scientist and autism self-advocate. Grandin puts an emphasis on early educational intervention.

She believes when a child is around two years old and unresponsive, one of the worst things a parent can do is nothing.

During an interview, she talked about how her family helped her find success in spite of her diagnosis.

"One thing my mother always did was encouraged me to do different things. Not just always do the same things. Then when I was in high school I was encouraged to do different science projects like the optical illusion room and my art ability was used in my design work" Temple Grandin said.

She says children with Autism have to be engaged to find their success.