Fallen officer's birthday commemorated

Family members say Officer Terry Flemming would have turned 37 years old on Tuesday / Sarah Bleau

Family and fellow officers of Terry Lewis Flemming held a birthday celebration at the intersection where Flemming passed away.

In October, Flemming was killed during a high speed chase of two armed robbers.

Family members say Flemming would have been 37 years old on Tuesday.

"I know she's rejoicing up there in heaven right now and I know she appreicates everything the police officers are doing for her," says Flemming's sister Mary Cobb. Flemming's mother, brother and children were also in attendance.

Those who attended wrote a message on a balloon for Flemming and sent it into the air. Flemming's sister and brother say if she were alive today to see the scene, she would be smiling, rejoicing and thanking everyone.