Fallen Marine returns to Southwest Georgia

Cpl. Sockalosky

"That's all he talked about, was joining the Marines, since â" from day one that's all he wanted to do," said Michelle Rountree, a friend of Corporal Stephen 'Cody' Sockalosky.

Sockalosky died doing what he always dreamed of â" serving his country as a Marine.

He was hit by an IED blast on October 6th during combat in Afghanistan.

Michael Mosley is Sockalosky's uncle. He says the family is heartbroken but proud of his commitment to his fellow Marines.

"Even when he came home on his home time, you know, he couldn't seem to get away from it without every other second of wanting to get back over there with it," said Mosley.

His body returned to his hometown of Cordele on Thursday to a hero's welcome that included friend Reesa Clark.

"To see all the support for the family was just awesome," said Clark.

Corporal Mosley's journey ended at Rainey Family Funeral Services not far from the home where he was raised.

The other Marines here at the service told me they had mixed emotions. While they appreciated the show of support from the community, it was also a reminder of how dangerous their service to the country can be.

Despite the tragic circumstances, the family had nothing but praise for the way they were treated by the military after being informed of Sockalosky's injuries.

"They showed up and got them to Germany as fast as possible and they were able to spend the last remaining days with him," said Mosley.

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