Fallen Marine, honored at public viewing

Fallen Marine, Steve Sutton's, public viewing was held Tuesday as the entire community came out to honor his memory.

/ Matt Prichard

Fallen Marine Steve Sutton's public viewing was held Tuesday as the community came out to honor his memory.

Family and friends gathered at Kimbrell Stern Funeral Home to reflect and remember the fallen Marine. Over the last several weeks, Sutton's family has seen business signs honoring their loved one and are overjoyed with the communities love and compassion.

"There is no way, I could've passed this up without paying my respects to his mother, his father, and his lovely wife," said ex-military member Eric Bernard Paden.

Others felt a connection to Sutton because of their affiliation with the Marine Corps, simply saying, it's a brotherhood.

"Some of us just don't have to pay the price, Lance Corporal Sutton paid the price. And I will be indebted to him for the rest of my life, and those like him," said former Marine Carl Wilcox.

With Sutton being killed, Saturday May 26th, family and friends are finally getting the chance to mourn their lost husband, father, and friend.

"You couldn't find a better person, he was just a big kid basically. He was just care free, couldn't have had any more fun than with Steve. He was a great guy to be around," said family friend Doug Turnipseed.

Regardless of the reason, everyone at the public viewing shared the same sentiment: Thank you Steve Sutton, and rest in peace.