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      Fake 'Dr. Jones' booked on drug related charge

      21-year-old Kimberly Holley is charged for attempting to obtain regulated drugs by fraud and providing false statements to police. / Crisp County Sheriff's Office

      21-year-old Kimberly Holley is facing jail time for attempting to get prescription drugs illegally.

      Cordele Police Department investigators say that on Friday, the woman called into a Cordele pharmacy posing as a Dr. Jones. She put in a prescription for herself and later had her mother pick up the pills.

      Doctors at the Crisp Regional Urgent Care Clinic confirmed that no one had called in the prescription.

      When questioned about the case, Cordele police officials say Kimberly Holley made a written statement saying she did not call in the prescription.

      The woman was booked into the Crisp County Jail and charged for attempting to obtain regulated drugs by fraud. She received an additional charge for providing false statements to police.

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