Facebook SOTD: Sending chicken pox in the mail

Brenda Greene warns parents not to infect their children with the chicken pox / Ashley Knight

Lately there have been reports of parents trying to infect their children with chicken pox through the purchase of lollipops that have been licked by infected children.

It's our Facebook story of the day...And health officials have more than just one problem with this!

They believe parents are hoping their child will catch it and develop lifelong immunity without having to take the vaccine.

Besides being illegal to send diseases through the mail, health officials say the process could backfire.

"The unfortunate thing is that if they actually did the chicken pox, we don't know if it would be a mild case as they were hoping for, or a significantly dangerous case," says Brenda Greene, Program Manager of the Southwest Georgia Health District.

The chicken pox can be deadly.

Officials say the vaccine has been proven to be safe, but as with any vaccines, there is always a small risk involved.

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