Facebook SOTD: Is Saggy Pants ordinance working?

In our Facebook story of the day, you wanted to know if Albany's saggy pants ordinance is working. By now there is no excuse for someone to have saggy pants in Albany.

"They've heard about it, they have watched the news they have seen it on the internet. It's not that they don't know about it. The shock is that we're actually enforcing it. They know that they law exists, but the shock is that we are actually out there doing it," said Sgt Kinshishi Adams of the Albany Police Department.

That's why officers are no longer hesitating to write tickets for saggy pants. In June officers wrote 22 tickets. They say with increased enforcement they've actually seen cleaner streets.

And because most of the violators are teens parents are stepping in. Because with a maximum 200 dollar fine they're making sure their kids pull their pants up.

"If there is a juvenile involved, the parent is going to be held accountable. So if you hit the pocket hard enough, it kind of kicks in and it stays," said Sgt. Adams.

Officers say they write citations whenever they see violations. For instance, the Albany Police Department keeps a daily log of their officers' activity. When I took a look through the book, I only had to flip three pages before I found a violation for saggy pants.

"It's just an eyesore and appalling to see young men walking around the streets, going into stores, going into businesses and walking around neighborhoods with their pants below their butts," said Albany City Commissioner Jon Howard.

Commissioner Howard voted in favor of the ordinance.

And while he's happy to see the ordinance being enforced he wants to go back to table to draft stricter punishments.

"When they go to the municipal court, the judge would not fine them, but the judge would have within his discretion to have them do 40 hours of service work," said Howard.