Facebook SOTD: How will a cell phone ban affect SWGA?

Dougherty County Police officer Sgt. Dan McMullen believes the law would not be practical / Ashley Knight

In our Facebook story of the day, you wanted to know how will a ban on cell phone use while driving will affect us?

The National Transportation Safety Board is recommending states pass legislation banning all cell phone use while driving except in an emergency.

It won't affect your insurance at all, but local police officers think it will be difficult to enforce, especially when cars come with hands-free devices anyway.

"It's not to say it's not important, the texting part I do agree with, even to the age limit I do agree with, however just in our day to day business as a society that's built on technology, I don't think it's very practical," says Sgt. Dan McMullen with the Dougherty County Police.

Each state will have the right to choose whether to pass the legislation.

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