Facebook SOTD: 'How can I save on college textbooks?'

Students at ASU pick out textbooks for their classes Monday / Ashley Knight

There are several ways you can save on expensive textbooks.

That was your choice for Facebook story of the day.

Over at Albany State University, the bookstore has several used books which are considerably cheaper than buying new ones.

Another option may be to rent textbooks, which may get you extra savings.

"Where students can save 50% or more on their textbooks. So all they need to do is come to the bookstore, and they have the option where they pull the book if it's rentable, they just take it to the register and they're good to go to save money!" says Tara Johnson, Manager of the ASU bookstore.

ASU also has e-books that you can purchase or rent so you don't have to carry around those heavy books.

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