Facebook SotD for June 13th: Web Privacy

Some internet browsers will allow you to prevent saving of internet history and cookies with special modes. / Kyle Proctor

For FOX 31's Facebook story of the day, viewers wanted to know how they can protect their personal information on the internet.

Computer tech at the Albany Computer shop on Ledo Road say one thing to do is use websites that begin with https. The 's' at the end means that these are secured sites, meaning the company hosting the service makes a promise to protect your information.

Computer specialists say when you are using public Wi-Fi areas make sure all of your firewalls are set up so that no one can come through you computer and use it as a gateway.

They also advise users to watch out for viruses called key loggers.

"They will actually shadow your keys and transmit that information to other servers," said Albany Computer Technician Christy Goodwin.

She says if you're unsure about your computer's protection, consider seeing a tech specialist.

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