Facebook SOTD: Are City Buses Safe?

For the Facebook Story of the Day, you asked us "are city buses are safe?"

Dwayne Cosby with the Albany Transit Authority says some of the buses are equipped with video cameras for added security.

Many folks we spoke with say they feel safe riding the buses, however, have one complaint.

"I have no problems with it whatsoever, the only complaint I have about it, it just breaks down once in a while and it runs about 20 to 30 minutes late," said passenger, Herman Mortimer.

"When the weather changes, the large mechanical parts do decide to have a mind of its own, so to speak. So we've had a couple mishaps, but no true major breakdowns that cause major problems," said Dwain Cosby of the Albany Transit Authority.

The fleet will be getting new buses this October and will be refurbishing a couple existing buses in January.