Facebook photo case takes a turn after arrests

APD want to talk to Richard Molden in the case and pick him up for an unrelated probation violation. / Dougherty County Jail

First Update (4/19/13 3:00 PM)
Albany police say that Molden turned himself in Friday around 10:30 AM.

After an interview by detectives, he was charged with theft of lost or mislaid property.

Initial Story
Albany police say that they have made two arrests after a man seen in pictures posted to a victim's Facebook wall by a stolen cell phone came forward.

Officers say that the man in the pictures talked to law enforcement Tuesday night.

Investigators have since arrested the man's 19-year-old girlfriend Miesha Jones and her 38-year-old mother Jennifer Reddick. Both have been charged with theft by receiving.

Officials say they still want to talk to one more person in this case, Richard Molden. No warrants relating to this case have been taken out for him, but Molden does have an outstanding probation violation warrant.

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