Facebook dispute may have led to house fire

Investigators are questioning suspects regarding a fire set by Molotov cocktails that could have began as a dispute on Facebook

Albany Fire and Albany Police officials are interviewing suspects regarding a possible arson from Thursday.

The Albany Fire Department says upon arrival at 679 West Society, they found two unbroken Molotov cocktails. Albany Fire Chief James Carswell says it appears that the fire at the home was intentionally set.

Carswell says the fire was ignited by Molotov's and possibly an argument on Facebook.

"It appears there may have been an ongoing dispute between two individuals that we are looking into. Obviously we're still interviewing suspects along with APD. Both agencies taking it very seriously especially because it's a very personal act when you throw something into someone's house," says Carswell.

According to APD, the Criminal Investigation Bureau is now helping with the investigation.

Carswell says he anticipates there will be criminal charges made by next week.

He says the homeowner and her six children were not at home at the time of the fire, and the family has been relocated.