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      Extending a helping hand to the homeless

      The Homeless Coalition along with several other local organizations teamed up today to help the homeless population in Albany.According to David Blackwell, 3% of Albany's population is considered homeless, which is thousands of people.Blackwell said today's event gave those who wouldn't normally receive them otherwise a chance to come get blankets, a hot meal, a flu shot, HIV testing, and various other things.FOX 31 spoke to one woman who says she's been homeless for nearly eight months and is having a hard time finding a job because of a prior felony. She says today she was able to get food, a toothbrush, extra blankets, and a flu shot which is something she hasn't had since 1984.Officials said by 9:00 this morning there was a huge line outside of the civic center full of people awaiting these free services.

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