Expressway speeders are trouble for police

The Dougherty County Police say Albany police can station their cars there and do radar checks, but county police don't have the jurisdiction to do that; however, Dougherty County police can catch speeders as officers are driving the expressway

But one of many issues law enforcement has is a lack of officers.

"People have a valiant complaint about with that roadway being the way it is but unfortunately law enforcement here in Dougherty County even at the state level down to the local level are handicapped right now with our manpower issues even the state patrol has restrictions on their enforcement efforts right now," says Capt. Tom Jackson with the Dougherty County Police Department.

Jackson also says that there is a greater risk of them causing more accidents then preventing them because of the high volume and high speed on the Liberty Expressway.

Police say drivers should always pay close attention to other drivers on the expressway to avoid an accident.

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